Hebrides and Essex Shipping Jan 3rd (and a close look at the Hebrides books)

First review of Inner and Outer Hebrides.
We have had numerous holidays in both the Inner and Outer Hebrides and love the areas. As I eagerly looked through Chris’s two books, I sat with tears of joy running down my cheeks.
The wonderful photographs, the accurate and realistic comments, instantly recognisable views brought back so many happy memories – fantastic!!
I already have most of your previous publications (and these are some of the best books one can buy) but these two latest publications are in a separate, super league of their own.
Thank you for producing such wonderful books. Yours sincerely, David Billington.

Both Hebrides volumes and Explore & Discover Essex are shipping starting 3rd January. It will take a couple of days to get all pre-orders out. I am sorry for the delay, as explained in December, there was an overseas transport delay and we just missed delivery in time for Christmas.

If you’ve ordered Explore & Discover Outer Hebrides and/or Explore & Discover Inner Hebrides what are you getting? If you want to skip this bit there are some Look Inside sample pages if you scroll down which will give you a good idea of what to look forward to. I’m going to take a close look at Justin Minns’ Explore and Discover Essex next week.

Order a copy here: Explore & Discover THE INNER & OUTER HEBRIDES (both books)


Chris Swan has spent the last five years travelling between the islands of the Hebrides taking photographs and compiling information about each island. Chris’s work has been split into two volumes, Inner Hebrides (20 islands including Skye) and Outer Hebrides (10 islands).

Each island gets its own chapter starting with an overview and a synopsis of the best places to visit.

Chris has also included historical and cultural information about each island. Importantly there are details of how to get to each island, which port, ferry frequency and how long it takes to get there. Also included is what we call, an Island factfile (below), which showcases in table form useful information about each island, including information that is useful for planning your trip.

Both Chris’s books feature our detailed maps showing all the locations to visit, some facilities and wildlife spots, and our sun compass that shows where the sun rises and sets throughout year, useful when planning a photographic shoot.


As well as maps to follow, we cover all bases when it comes to directions with written directions, and four co-ordinates (lat-long, ///what3words, a map grid reference and a postcode). There is also a QR code to scan with your phone camera which will then open in Google maps and give you directions from where you are to the location.

The meat of both books are the beautiful locations to visit, all the must visit places are included from the classic views, beaches, sea stacks, estuaries, the machair, churches, villages, harbours, distilleries, abandoned boats and all the quirkiness that Hebrides are famed for all beautifully illustrated by Chris’s superb and inspiring photography. Because Chris knows the islands well, and in line with our policy of presenting comprehensive coverage, also included are less frequented places so that you have plenty of choices of places to visit, especially important in the busy summer season when some places are busy, solitude is easy to find — even on Skye!

The introductory sections cover everything you need for planning your trips: how to get to and travel around the islands of the Hebrides, information on where to stay, eat and get provisions, notes on the Gaelic language, the Hebridean climate and weather, and the what to expect throughout the year, advice on how to photograph the Northern Lights (courtesy of Alyn Wallace author of Photographing The Night Sky), several pages on what wildlife to expect finishing with information about the beautiful flowering grasslands of the coastal machair and some notes on seaweed.

Finally, it is a great honour to have two of Scotland’s best traditional musicians writing the foreword to Chris’s books, thank you Julie Fowlis and Duncan Chisholm.

Order a copy here: Explore & Discover THE INNER & OUTER HEBRIDES (both books)


Order a copy here: Explore & Discover THE INNER & OUTER HEBRIDES (both books)




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