Mick Ryan

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Mick Ryan is the founder and the director of fotoVUE. He is based in Calderdale having spent the last seven years in the Peak District. He also spends part of the year in Saratoga Springs, upstate New York. He is the founder of Rockfax guidebooks and introduced well-designed large-format photo-topo climbing guidebooks to the UK. As well as publishing, editing and writing in the UK he has published six climbing guidebooks in the USA and authored four. He lived in Bishop, California for nine years and was inspired whilst there by the beauty of the Eastern Sierra and the Sierra Nevada mountains and the landscape photography of the late Galen Rowell and Vern Clevenger. Whilst in the USA he also worked as a graphic designer. From 2004 to 2013 he was chief editor and advertising manager at one of the most successful enthusiast media in the world. He is credited with commercialising and monetising the site, and increasing editorial quality and content, helping make a success with his longtime collaborator Alan James. Mick’s photography has been published in magazines, websites and books around the world. He is co-author with Chris Gilbert of Photographing The Peak District. Mick works as a photography guide and instructor for Wild Photography Holidays.