User Viewpoint Terms and Conditions

Please read our guidelines for viewpoint submissions

We welcome viewpoints from anywhere on Earth. In the future when space travel is common we will accept viewpoints initially from our Solar System (if you are an astronaut, contact us directly, the same goes for aliens beyond our Solar System).

If the area where your viewpoint is located is not featured on our viewpoints homepage map if we accept your submission we will add your area to the map, be that in the UK, or another country.

Use and Copyright

If your viewpoint is published at you will be credited on its page and you retain all copyright to your images and words The only use we require is for use on our website, and to promote your viewpoint on our social media channels and in our newsletter.

Once your viewpoint is published at we will feature and share your work on social media and by our newsletter. If you are interested in doing a printed photo-location guidebook with us, this is a good way to start and introduce yourself to us. We may also consider your viewpoint for our viewpoint compilation publications. We also have relationships with several news media and companies who browse our website. If they are interested in your image we will put you in touch with them directly.


Ideally upload several images, or if the viewpoint has one main composition a single image will do. 

Whilst the majority of images for landscape compositions will be wide-angle, people also like zoomed in, detail and close-up shots, we certainly do. In some cases try to tell a story of a  viewpoint.

Images should be 2,000 pixels across at its long edge at a resolution of 72ppi with a maximum file size of 3MB.

Please watermark your image with a simple © Name, Year. Please make this watermark small but visible.


Before you submit, read several of our existing viewpoints to familiarise yourself with our format.

After you have written your text, please self-edit.

Edit you location chapters for:

  • omit needless words and make every word count.
  • avoid repetition of words close to each other, find another word to use.
  • redundancy – e.g., delete explanation and description phrases/sentences that aren’t needed.
  • use single spaces between sentences.
  • at the same time keep your personal style and enthusiasm.

This is all directed at making your viewpoint submission an engaging and informative read.

Directions and Location Co-ordinates

The order of information here is important. We need:
  1. Start with a general comment on locality, where is it in reference to the nearest major town/village or city e.g. Little Langdale is 5 miles west of Ambleside.
  2. A start point: nearest major town or road junction if no relevant town e.g. From Ambleside take the A591 south for 3 miles
  3. Detailed description with useful markers along the way for reassurance, e.g. Pass the Puking Parrot Pub and after a quarter of a mile turn left.
  4. Distances on roads are in miles as per UK road signs
  5. Distances on foot are in metres and kilometres as per the OS maps.
  6. The information in this section should take us as far as the parking for the location. Beyond the car park information should be at the start of the relevant Viewpoint section e.g. From the car park take the footpath to the first gate.
How To Get Here - Location Coordinates

We need three coordinates:

  1. Lat/Long of the Parking
  2. Nearest Postcode of the Parking
  3. OS Map-co-ordinate of the first viewpoint

The best way to get this information is to use: