Kelly Hall Tarn – Torver Back Common – Coniston

Kelly Hall Tarn is a small tarn in a beautiful setting just 5 minutes walk from the road. There are boulders and reeds, a lone pine and the stunning mountain backdrop of Coniston Old Man.

Situated just 200m from the Land Rover garage near Torver. An ideal place to spend time with your camera whilst your Range Rover is getting serviced!

How To Get Here

From Coniston follow the A593 south to Torver then turn left onto the A5084. After about a mile you will find a parking area opposite the Land Rover Garage. Follow the track through a gate at the top of the car park. You will reach Kelly Hall Tarn after around 100m to the right of the track.


  • Parking Lat/Long: 54.329275, -3.0973399
  • Parking Postcode: LA21 8BJ
  • Parking Grid Ref: SD 287 931

What to Shoot and Viewpoints

Viewpoint 1

The classic viewpoint is from the east side of the tarn looking across the water towards Coniston old Man. There is a large boulder with yellow lichen on a small grassy peninsula to add foreground interest. This is great on a still morning with the sun lighting up the mountains beyond. Likewise at sunset, the sky lights up above the Old Man.

Viewpoint 2

From the north side of the tarn if you get low to the water you can get the lone pine silhouetted against the sky and its reflection in the tarn. This is especially impressive with a dramatic skyscape at sunrise or sunset. You are looking directly south here so the middle of the day is not the best for this angle of view.

There is the possibility to continue along the path to another tarn then down to the lakeshore which is followed for a while before returning back up to the car park. A great circular photo hike.


The tarn is 100m from the parking along a rough track then open grassland. The whole area is a bit of a sponge so good waterproof boots are strongly recommended. The ground is uneven and soft so not suitable for wheelchairs.

Best Time of Year/Day

Autumn is great when the bracken has changed from monotonous green to golden brown. In winter when frozen, with or without a layer of snow on top, the view across the tarn to the Old Man is stunning. Early or late in the day is best here and preferably when there is no wind to maximise reflections. This is a superb location for a sunset.

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  • Tony Bain

    Thank you for the location advice ‘Kelly hall tarn’, I am new to landscape and the location helped me get quite good sunset results. Well pleased. Thanks again.


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