Best Ten – Andrew Yu

In this occasional fotoVUE series, a photographer chooses ten of their most memorable images and explains why they are important to them. Then they ask another photographer who they know to do the same for the next instalment of this series.

To kick off this series Andrew Yu shares his Best Ten. Andrew, 40, is an IT Business Solution Architect who lives in Manchester with his wife Lin and 7 year-old daughter, Sophia – Andrew was born in Chesire. Andrew first picked up a camera in 2008 whilst working in London and is a regular at the Peak District locations but travels far and wide each year taking landscape photographs.

Autumn Frolics – Buille Hill Park, Salford

This autumn photograph of my daughter Sophia is something I treasure. At the tender age of three, she enjoyed the simple pleasure of the playing with autumn leaves finding joy in their texture and feel when scrunched. I love the light of happiness in her eyes. Memories like this will last a lifetime for me, and when she grows up, these photographs will form a collection of her childhood.

Togetherness – Iceland

Freezing, biting, high-speed winds, with spindrift flying everywhere, I could hardly see what I was trying to photograph. This image of a group of Icelandic horses is another one of my favourites as I feel it captures the hardiness of these magnificent animals as they huddle together to provide warmth and shelter in the harsh environment. It shows that community spirit extends beyond human form.

Sunrise – Mam Tor, Peak District

The view from Mam Tor down the Hope Valley in the Peak District, although frequently photographed, is quite special to me. I remember on this morning that I had made my mind to go Bole Hill to photograph trees in the mist. But as I was driving along Sheffield Road, I could see mist in the Hope Valley and the horizon to the east was clear of clouds. The sunrise could herald an epic morning of light, and the decision was made. It turned out to be the right one.

Mists of Fire – Hope Cement Work, Peak District

This image of the Hope Cement Work in the Peak District was taken on one of the most memorable and epic mornings of photography I have ever had. I was on my way to the Peak District and made a quick pitstop call at Mam Tor. I could see the valley was completely filled with mist and I have always wanted to photograph a thick pre-dawn mist before the sunrise looking down on the lights of the village of Castletown and the cement works.The conditions could not have been better, a break on the horizon mirroring the colours of the mist was just the icing on the cake. I then headed towards Curbar and that gamble worked out rather well too.

Hugs – Chatsworth House, Peak District

Happiness and friendship bloom at the tender age of 3 years old. For me this photograph captures the innocence of childhood, both Sophia and her friend Ella are carefree and enjoying the English countryside and their companionship. A reminder how we must treasure time we have with the children, as they do grow up rather quickly.

Natures Rage – Djúpalónssandur, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland

Iceland is a wonderful place to be and for me this is one of those moments that typifies my memories of this wild place. Although I was in a precarious position close to the sea, the ferocious force of nature as the high winds and waves battered the pillar of rock was a pleasure to behold.

The smell and sound of the whole place was just so very memorable.

The Sassalungo Light – Dolomites, Italy

After some 25 miles of hiking in the Dolomites we finally had our first night in a hotel and it was luxury. With had splendid views just outside, it was a stunning a location. After all the physical effort we had put in over the past week hiking from refugio to refugio, the most memorable image with the best light actually happened five minutes from our doorstep. Sometimes it isn’t about busting your gut to get a great image, but about luck, of just being there at the right time in right place.

Having a Laugh – Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

It was a great day at Donna Nook. I was tracking this seal at a distance as he moved around in the sand and all of a sudden he opened his mouth and appeared to laugh. He looked happy – one of the most important things all of us can feel.

Vestrahorn Aurora – Iceland

To see the aurora is an amazing experience, a lifelong memory. I was traveling with my friend Yung who was on his first trip to Iceland and had yet to witness the northern lights. Five days in and we had had no luck. I was hoping we could experience the lights together and share the wonder. At our hotel we got a forecast for a KP level of 3 (KP is a measure of geomagnetic activity that produces the aurora) and the signs were good as Yung and I headed to Vestrahorn, a range of mountains in the south east of Iceland. The night really did exceed our expectations.

Leap of Faith – Saddleworth Moor, Peak District

In terms of depicting a fellow man’s confidence and being at one with the elements this is one of my personal favourites and one I won’t soon forget. I was on my way up to the Trinnacle and Ashway Rocks on Saddleworth Moor to photograph the sun setting and I met Lorenzo Bici who was on his way down. We struck up conversation and he decided to turn around and join me. I asked if he could climb up the Trinnacle and pose on the summit for me – it’s always good to get a figure in a landscape. He went one further than that and jumped, I’ve never seen such self-belief and confidence.

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Andrew Yu

Andrew, 40, is an IT Business Solution Architect who lives in Manchester with his wife Lin and 7 year-old daughter, Sophia – Andrew was born in Cheshire. Andrew first picked up a camera in 2008 whilst working in London and is a regular at the Peak District locations but...