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We are printing a limited edition run of 1000 hardbacks, and open edition of the softback edition. They are both expected back at the end of August.

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Understandably there has been great demand for Alyn’s book. We are nearly out of stock. A reprint is in the works, we worked with Alyn over the last month on corrections, and should be back by June. More pressing is the fact that no-one has access to Alyn’s website, (or any of his other […]
As many of you will be aware, Alyn Wallace, author of Photographing The Night Sky died last week, he was 34. Like many it is hard to put into words how devastated and sad we are. I send much love to his family, friends and anyone who knew him, and all who enjoyed his videos, […]
First review of Inner and Outer Hebrides. We have had numerous holidays in both the Inner and Outer Hebrides and love the areas. As I eagerly looked through Chris’s two books, I sat with tears of joy running down my cheeks. The wonderful photographs, the accurate and realistic comments, instantly recognisable views brought back so many […]


Alyn's funeral was held at Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff, South Wales on Thursday 25th April 2024. The service was offered by Gwyn Davies with tributes by Gwyn Davies, Charles Hill, Zelis and Mick Ryan. This is Mick Ryan's euology and a tribute by the French astrophotographer Adrian Maudiut.
It may come as a surprise to some but the county of Essex is rich in landscape and rural photography locations. If you live in the South East, access from London is quick, it is certainly worth more than a look as Justin Minns reveals in his new book, Explore and Discover ESSEX (Justin is […]
You don’t have to be a climber or a mountaineer to enjoy one of the best mountain ranges in the world…..high mountain roads, cable cars and well-maintained paths lead you right into the heart of the peaks, towers and spires of Italy’s Dolomites...