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We work with the best landscape and outdoor photographers to produce and publish high quality visitor and photo-location guidebooks. As well as guiding you to the best places to take photographs in an area, our guidebooks are full of inspirational photography and give technical advice on how to take the best photographs.

Hebrides and Essex Shipping Jan 3rd (and a close look at the Hebrides books)

First review of Inner and Outer Hebrides. We have had numerous holidays in both the Inner and Outer Hebrides and love the areas. As I eagerly looked through Chris’s two books, I sat with tears of joy running down my cheeks. The wonderful photographs, the accurate and realistic comments, instantly recognisable views brought back so many […]

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Well that's a first, four books published within a month. Essex and the Hebrides books are late I have just been informed and will be mailed out the first week of January. Liverpool is back mid-January.
What is next for fotoVUE? Mick Ryan spills the beans and explains why.


You don’t have to be a climber or a mountaineer to enjoy one of the best mountain ranges in the world…..high mountain roads, cable cars and well-maintained paths lead you right into the heart of the peaks, towers and spires of Italy’s Dolomites...
The Peak District is a beautiful upland area at the southern end of the Pennines stretching from Ashbourne in the south to the M62 in the north.
In November 2016, fotoVUE director Stuart Holmes went on a month-long expedition with friends to attempt a previously unclimbed peak in the shadow of the third highest mountain in the world.