Villager Jim

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They seek him here, they seek him there, but that elusive Villager Jim, cannot be found....... anywhere. Who is he? With breathtaking photographs appearing hither and yon, there's a new wildlife photographer on the block who sneaks about at dusk and at dawn, capturing images which surprise and delight. Entertaining his growing audience, this talented artist seems to be able to hone his skill with sometimes and entertaining, witty, poignant and stunningly beautiful images. His portrayals of the Peak District, a county he clearly is in love with, are made for storybook and fantasy, yet true to life they be, spread far and wide across the friendly Facebook land. With numbers growing daily, in a rapid fashion so it's said, his everyday portrayals of the flora and fauna, the people and places of this gorgeous part of the British Isles, Facebook is the platform for him to spread the good word it seems. Cheering up his audience's day with clever comments, insightful observations and downright amazing photography skills, being in the right place at the right time he says, is the reason. But his photography (if he is a 'he' that is), speaks volumes for the love this photographer has for this area's wildlife and all of Mother Nature. Recently appearing in the biggest wildlife competition any photographer would kill to get their hands on, Villager Jim has appeared in the spectacular book portraying the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013 - and with editor's choice in this honoured publications he's already stamping his authority. His images are also popping up in public places and are seen more and more each day. An image of his own dog, a black labrador reclining on a red leather sofa has gone viral in America and has been viewed over 5 million times, used without permission depicting fictional veterans war stories , but the darker side of the photography world has only spurred this talent on to reach new heights with his own honesty. Winning Spring watch competition, beating 50,000 others, his images are often shown by the Springwatch team and also Autumnwatch too, and as a photography partner in the wildlife Department for the Peak District tourism board, his accolades are growing as fast as his Facebook followers. So who is Villager Jim? If you find out............... shhh dont tell anyone!