Geraldine Westrupp

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Geraldine is the co-owner and a director of Wild photography Holidays. Living in Iceland, She first visited the country twenty two years ago to guide Nordic Ski-tours. Since that first encounter, Iceland has always fascinated her with its stark abstract landscapes, unpolluted air and wide-open spaces, she is never happier than when photographing and researching new locations for our tours and workshops. A qualified mountaineer she has photographed, travelled and guided groups in wild and mountainous locations world-wide, including India, Ladakh, Sikkim, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Spain, UK, Europe, Peru, Equador, Patagonia and of course Iceland. Geraldine is responsible for the safety and well-being of our ‘Wild Photography’ participants and for the day to day smooth running of our tours; she is a passionate and creative photographer who assists with the tuition on many tours and workshops. The majority of images on the Wild Photography Holidays website are the work of Geraldine and her partner Martin Sammtleben.